Review Top 3 Framing Nailer Brands

Top framing nailer brandsIn the early time, when the technology was bulky and people must do all their work by the hands, everything was harder and harder. If they want to do tasks related to the framing the structure, it is very difficult to do because there is no power equipment and air compressors that can be portable.

After many improvements, the pneumatic was designed to server people’s requirements. In the next decades, people invented the framing nail gun that is more modern and almost all people like it. Today, we will provide you the review about 3 brands of framing nailer.

Due to the application of the framing nail gun, this tool is produced more and more on the market with different brands and each brand will create a specific style. The framing nailer is very popular in all over the world. There are some famous brands, which people who intend to buy refer, including the Bosh, the Hitachi, and the Makita.

Bosch Framing Nailer

Bosch Framing NailerThis kind of framing nailer has a long history and attaches many outstanding features in comparison with other type of framing nail gun. This type has the metal strike plate. This part is designed to take the job site abuse positioning of lumber. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any tool to adjust the air exhaust.

Besides, there is a work contact element with an aggressive teeth and grips work piece when toe nailing. A quick release magazine allows you to remove jammed nails easily without disassembly of tool. Apart from this tool, the framing nailer of the Bosh also doesn’t need a tool for selectable trigger which can switch between bump and sequential fire easily.

Although the nail gun of the Bosh has many benefits, it also remains some shortcoming. Many people, who owned this equipment, consider this one as the most convenient nailer because it’s narrower than other framing nailers. You will have chances to see the position of the nail readily. However, they also recommend that the bosh framing nailer is quite heavy.

We can suggest some best Bosh framing nailers such as Bosch SN350-20F full head framing strip nailer, Bostitch F21PL round head 1 – 1/2 inch to 3 – 1/2 inch framing nailer with positive placement tip and magnesium housing, and the Bosch FN250-16 16 Gauge Straight finish nailer.

Hitachi Framing Nailer

Hitachi Framing NailerThis brand is very familiar with the buyers in the world. You can see this brand at anywhere from small stores to big company in all areas of the country. This brand is very famous and gains the belief of the customers. The Hitachi is a multinational conglomerate company of the Japan which is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The Hitachi has created a large number of the framing nailers with the high quality. It usually gets the good responds from customers who have possessed a Hitachi framing nailer.

This is one of the best seller products of this brand that bring the higher interest for the company every year. The Hitachi framing nailer has a reasonable price. It has a package of five year warranty. It consists of the safety glasses and the hex wrench. Furthermore, the size of the Hitachi framing nailer is incredible. It is very light in its class.

Makita Framing Nailer

Makita Framing NailerSimilar to the above brands of framing nailer, the Makita has 100 years of experience in designing the framing guns. This framing nailer has many wonderful features.

Firstly, it has the highest quality of the raw materials. The motor is long lasting and it can perform consistent industry.

Secondly, it has the advanced battery technology. You can work with this framing nailer longer, but the time you need to charge the battery is shortest.

Thirdly, the Makita framing nailer is reliable. This brand is considered as the most powerful tool.

The Makita framing nailer has 2 mode trigger that allows you to opt for the sequential or contact nailing operation.
Here is the top 3 reliable brand of the framing nailer in our viewpoint. Hope that this information is useful for you to select the best framing nailer.

Wish that you will enhance your knowledge about a new technology, called framing nailers. Hopefully, you can purchase a framing nail gun that is suitable for your needs.

Review Top 3 Best Belt Sanders

Best belt sandersFor many decades, people who have done the housework usually have to deal with a wide range of difficulties during the cleaning process. They cannot eliminate the toughest materials. They apply a lot of methods, but it doesn’t work effectively. They found some solutions to address it; however, the result is not perfect as they want. Finally, the inventors have designed the new machine, called the belt sander that has gained popularity, nowadays.

With this equipment, the working on removing the material becomes easier and faster. People don’t need to spend more time on this task. Today, we will introduce to you the belt sander reviews to help you have more information about this amazing tool.

Makita 9903

Makita 9903The first type of the belt sander we want to talk about is the Makita 9903. This tool has a number of advantages which is a breakthrough in the industry of cleaning.

Firstly, the Makita 9903 is very powerful. It remains the 8.8 AMP motor and account for only 85dB.

Secondly, with this machine, people who own this machine will have a chance to adjust the speed of the Makita. They can manage it till the speed they want from 690 to 1.440ft/min. The variable speed control dial will allow the user to connect the speed to this application.

Thirdly, the Makita 9903 is different from any normal belt sander because it has a modern system with the name of Auto-Tracking belt. There is not a requirement of adjusting it. People can remove the material and do other jobs simultaneously, depending on their needs.

The next benefit of this equipment is that it has the front grip that design for a comfortable operation.

The last advantage is that the Makita has the dust bag to serve the purpose of cleaning the environment. Apart from the benefits above, this machine also retains some shortcoming and the most important one is the availability of the accessory. It will be more wonderful, if this machine attaches either a vacuum or a sanding frame to make it more multi-function.

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0

Hitachi SB8V2 9.0Similar to the Mikata 9903, the Hitachi SB8V2 also has both advantages and disadvantages, so we will look at the benefit first.

The speed of the Hitachi SB8V2 is higher than the Mikata 9903 with 820-1.475ft/min that allows the user to improve the manageability when it works. Furthermore, this machine provides the user opportunities to adjust the speed to the variable dial system.

Besides the higher speed, this equipment also has a soft elastomer grip surface on the main and auxiliary handles to help the user feel more comfortable during the operation. In addition, the auxiliary handles can keep people secured when holding.

There is a tracking window which enhances the visibility of sanding surface and sanding belt when we use. And it also gives the user a left-side mounted dust collection bag which ameliorates the corner sanding application. People can do their cleaning tasks and they also can reduce the airborne particles.

The most uncomfortable point of this machine is its function. Normally, the Hitachi SP8V2 is very easy to control and people can keep it balanced. But it will be a difficult thing, if you want to reach the small location.

Grizzly H6070

Grizzly H6070The Grizzly H6070 is very beneficial, if you intend to use it for the personal goals or more. This machine has a single-phase with 3450 RMP motor. Moreover, it also provides you a belt and disc sanding tables tilt 45degrees. Especially, it has the ability to remove belt platen and the idler roller guard.

With the belt sander reviews, we hope that you will have more information as well as knowledge about this convenient equipment. Hopefully, in the near future, you can find out the best one which can meet all your needs. Wish this sharing is helpful to give you more choice about the belt sander. You can apply this information when you make a decision of purchasing the belt sander.

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How to Maintain a Belt Sander

maintain belt sanderAlongside choosing a best belt sander for your wood making processes, you also keep an eye on how to keep it last long as much as possible for the economical purpose. It is clearly that nobody wants to drop more money on such a tool too many times per month or year. Thus, please follow the instruction below to take care of your sander in the best way ever.

Carrying out the manual maintenance for the belt sander is not difficult at all; if not say it is very easy. The regular to take care for the sander is due to how often you use it. Usually, there are 3 main parts you need to check at first, which are: belt, roller and platen.

The Belt

One of the most important sections of a sander is the belt so that you need to pay more attention to it. You always use it when you need a belt sander worked. To check a sander belt, the very first step is to turn it on its direction and check whether or not there are any cracks, extreme wear or even the clogs.

If yes, it is time for you to replace for a new belt as if you still ignore or keep using it for the next times, there may be a few risks of jumping, breaking or skipping, which is not only dangerous with the craftsman but also causes harm to the operator. To replace for a new belt in a proper way, you should consult the instruction of the manufacturer as due to each type of sander, it will have a particular way to change a section.

Usually, if there are any matters on the belt, you should check if there is any wood dust or resin stuck inside it. As the belt is very expensive and it does not need to replace for a new one if there is just a bit dust in it. For these cases, let’s clean the surface of the belt and it will run well as usual.

The Platen

While checking the belt, let’s check the platen, which is placed beneath the machine and between the belt and the shoe. It is a metal block typically boosted by a scrap of cork. In the belt sander, the platen takes the responsibility of absorbing shocks and supporting the weight of the machine. Sooner and sooner, the belt keeps continuously rubbing into the platen making the cork breaking down and the metal is thinner.

Like the belt, the regular of changing a platen depends on how often you use the machine. However, if the platen is ensured for the top performance, your belt sander will be prolonged its life.

The Roller

Also, while removing the belt, check the rollers as well. Have a closer look from the above and check if they are matching to each other or not. If these rollers are out of their trajectories, they will make the belt slip easily and not wear equally and end up to breaking the entire machine. If the rollers are not placed in its places, you can consult the direction provided by its manufacturer or a local professional to understand how to fix it.

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Craftsman Belt Sander Review

craftman belt sanderAre you a craftsman? You get confused about how to choose a good belt sander for your jobs? Please follow this article below about craftsman belt sander review as your reference.

Black & Decker DS321 Belt Sander

Black & Decker DS321 Belt SanderThis belt sander is very suitable for those who are in a tight budget but also want to get a high quality. The outstanding feature of this Black & Decker DS321 Belt Sander is the ability to turn a very tough and worst surface into a very smooth perfectly in only appropriate 2 minutes. That is also the reason why this one becomes one of the bestsellers. With this belt sander, it can play the role of a mainstay as nobody can deny how much effective and powerful of it.

Enclosed in the package, there will be a few particular presents which are vibration-free sanding and a firm dust collection. Coming into the design, its sanding belt is in front of the device providing the absolute monitor and adjusts the strength of it. Also, the front shield enables to be turned up if it is used to sand closely. However, there is just one thing against this sander is the energy consumption. It needs more energy than the others.

Hitachi SB8V2

Hitachi SB8V2 Belt SanderThis is a powerful device with the capacity of sanding a surface within 1.56 – 1.14 minutes. Thanks to the high speed, this Hitachi can offer many other benefits such as the powerful and the accuracy when it is used to sand a material. On the other side, due to its various speed dial, it can work well in a lot of kinds of the surface without fears about ruining the materials after sanding. From that point, you can get a perfectly smooth surface which must have been sanded in about hours in just appropriate a minute. Besides, you can control it easily while using.

However, with these great benefits, it comes along with a high price and a bit weightier than the Black & Decker. If you have much money to drop on a high quality and various functions, this is a perfect choice.

Makita 9403

Makita 9403 Belt SanderDue to many reviewers about this Makita, the most impressive feature of it is the quietness which is derived from 84 – decibel operation in addition to the wide sander allows the craftsman to sand a material very quickly and in reality; it can reach the speed of 1.64 minutes to completely turn a tough surface into smooth. Besides, you will have no worry about how easy of it when controlling as the Makita provides a comfortable and reasonable design.

Another highlight of this belt sander is the one – year warranty makes the customers feel trustful about the quality as well as the life of the products. If there are any technical mistakes on it, you can return for full refund or get a new one. But in turn, the heaviness makes it hard to be used usually.

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Belt Sander Buying Guide

Belt sander buying guideA belt sander is a useful tool in a wood process that can be used in many kinds of projects from easy to complicate. It is quite sure that for those who love DIY, this is one of the must – have items in their toolbox. Belt sander has a wide range of sizes and shapes to afford the particular demand of each project. It differs from the other kinds by the specific structure with a continuous sander mounted on a belt. And even though a belt sander cannot work on every project, it still plays an important role in smoothening the wood surface very quickly. This article below will guide you how to choose a best belt sander.

2 Types of Belt Sander:

Basically, there are 2 main types of belt sander: Stationary belt sander and handheld belt sander

Stationary Belt Sander:

Stationary Belt SanderThis type is designed to stay stably in one position and you have to push the material to its sander to smoothen. The belt is placed on the sander top and usually, this type is much heavier and bigger than the handheld. On the other side, the stationary model can be mounted to a desk to become a bench sander.

Based on its dimension, this type is usually used for commercial purposes. It both works well in metal and wood but the best kinds are tables or many other movable objects, not the immovable things, for example, floors.

Handheld Belt Sander:

Handheld Belt SanderThis type is mostly contrast to the stationary with the ability to move so that it is very convenient in sanding many kinds of items from the movable like tables to the immovable for example the deck. You do not need to push the materials to it but the way of sanding is much more positive than the stationary.

This handheld is designed with small dimension and provided a lot of ranges in sizes and shapes to meet the needs of various projects with different missions. What another feature differs from the stationary is the position of sanding belt which is at the bottom of the tool to suit with a stable object. On the other side, the handheld has a wide range of motor speeds making the device more flexible. A high – speed sander can smoothen the surface more quickly and conveniently than a slow handheld sander. Besides, if you own a device with various motor speeds, it is much easy for you to monitor the speed applying on many different surfaces as well as the materials.

An outstanding element of this handheld sander is the ability to sand upside down like the stationary but before using it for that purpose, you need to check whether the manufacturer has included this function in it or not because if not, it is rather dangerous to sanding upside down.

Sandpaper Grit Dimension:

sandpaper gritAbout the size of the sandpaper grit, there are 5 main kinds due to the capacity the sander can sand a surface:

  • Very coarse grit
  • Coarse grit
  • Medium grit
  • Fine grit
  • Super fine grit

Very Coarse Grit:

Sandpaper grit is considered as a very coarse grit is marked from twenty to forty. Those grits are huge and powerful which can sander a surface very fast. From that point, when combining the strength and speed of this sander, it is able to destroy any material kinds with the extremely strong force so that you need to be careful while bringing it into play with any applications.

Coarse Grit:

Sandpaper grit is considered as a coarse grit is marked from forty to sixty. Even though its high strength, in comparison with the very coarse grit, it is still not as strong as the other. With this kind, you can sand a material with the requirement of much sanding. However, on the contrary, it is very easy to over – do if this is a sander belt with high power. With a complicated project, a finer one is much more suitable for than a coarse grit. Perhaps, it will suggest some passes but actually the risks of ruining the whole surface are still lower than a coarse one.

Medium Grit:

Marked from sixty to eighty, Sandpaper grit is considered as a medium grit. This is also the most popular kind as it can be used for almost purposes with the enough strength as well as speed, not too fast and not too slow.

Fine Grit:

Marked from 80 to 120, Sandpaper grit is considered as a fine grit. This kind is usually used for sanding the veneer before the wood furniture is brought to finish.

Super Fine Grit:

Sandpaper grit is considered as a super fine grit is marked from 120 to 220. This is only used for the purpose of polishing the wood items after fishing.

Alongside the types and the sandpaper grit dimensions, the buyer should consider many other additional elements such as dust, price…

How to Choose a Belt Sander:

The belt sander is very heavy and it is activated by the electricity, which depends on the sandpaper belt’s continuous motion to make the surface down. There are many types of belt sanders, including stationary, and handheld. According to this classification, the sander has various sizes that have an effect on their job, so the buyer had better to choose the best suitable one.

Actually, the wider size can overlay a larger amount of area’s surface; however, everything has two sides and this belt is not an exception. This type of belt is very difficult to control. The best advice for the users is that they should make a choice of the narrower one.

The sander is triangular in shape which is larger at the bottom and narrower at the end of the triangular. With this design, the sander can touch to the smallest corners of both the furniture and the instruments easily. In fact, the price will be changed in terms of the size of the sander or in other words, the size will set the limitation for the price. The users should pay more attention to this point and then think about their purposes carefully.

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